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1.) Are there any special offers for make-up artists?

Yes, under "PROFESSIONALS" You can find detailed information for the MUA discounts.

2.) How do I apply the human hair lashes?

You will find this under the tab "How-To" Information about the application and care.

3.) What material are the eyelashes made from?

Our eyelashes were made exclusively from 100% sterilized premium human hair. All our products have been manufactured without any torments, without animal testing and animal hair.

4.) May I apply mascara to the eyelashes?

The application of mascara gives the eye more "drama". However, you should remember that applying mascara reduces the durability. After removing the eyelashes, use a Q-Tip with oil-free make-up remover and gently and gently strok the eyelashes to remove mascara remnants.

5.) Should I use tweezers to apply eyelashes?

For this we have our Lash Department Lash Tweezer produced. With the help of these eyelash tweezers you can attach the eyelashes easily and quickly. The curved and wide shape, you can press the artificial eyelashes closer to your own and thus provide a more expressive look! The rounded ends prevent injury than with conventional pointed forceps.


Learn to attach the eyelashes step by step

Guide Lash Department

Step 1:

Measure the eye with the help of our eye ruler / Lashruler and use a pair of scissors to cut off the overhanging eyelashes.

Tip: Do not throw away the overhanging piece of eyelash tape, you can also glue these over the eyelashes as a compression.

Guide Lash Department

Step 2:

Bend the eyelash ribbon at the ends into a "U" shape and hold it for a few seconds so that the eyelashes conform to the natural eyelash line.

Guide Lash Department

Step 3:

Brush the eyelash band with the brush of our eyelash glue and wait 30 seconds.

Guide Lash Department

Step 4:

Optionally you can pre-treat your own eyelashes with the eyelash curler in advance.

Guide Lash Department

Step 5:

Using tweezers, place the false eyelashes as close as possible to your natural eyelash line. Start from the middle and then put on the two ends.

Guide Lash Department

Step 6:

Optionally, you can use mascara if you want more "drama". Once the glue has dried, you can refine your look with an eyeliner.

Proper eyelash care

Our tips for you to keep your eyelashes long.

1.) Remove gently

Gently remove the eyelash bands from her eyes. Pull off from the edge of the eye with light pressure.

2.) Remove glue

Remove any glue residue from your eyelid or eyelash line. Make sure your eye is completely clean so you can get the best comfort for your next eyelash band application.

3.) No moisture

The eyelashes must not come into contact with moisture / liquids. This changes the eyelash wave and eyelashes, as our eyelashes are made of 100% natural hair.

4.) Store correctly

Dust, bacteria or bad hygiene conditions can negatively affect the quality of the eyelashes. Always place your eyelash bands in the packaging box provided.

5.) Without mascara

Mascara is just a habit in make-up workflow. Mascara can affect the quality of eyelash bands. Love your eyelashes and apply mascara only on your natural eyelashes.

6.) Best tip

Using a moist Q-Tip (warm water or oil-free make-up remover) dab on the eyelash tape before you want to remove your false eyelashes. The adhesive dissolves soft and easier with it.

Explanatory video

In our video you will get the individual application steps shown.


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Luxurious natural hair eyelashes. That's what Lash-Department stands for.

Beautiful eyelashes give the eyes expressiveness and the very special sparkle. But not everyone is blessed with full and long eyelashes and not everyone wants to constantly go into the beauty studio, to extend them with visibly artificial eyelashes. The problem: The previous extensions last only for a short time or are unnatural. These times are finally over. Lash Department now exclusively offers eyelash extensions.

»Darling the top stylist. Lash it like LASH DEPARTMENT «

Lash Department Eyelash bands were previously applied only by stylists and top bloggers. The technique is fundamentally different from the usual eyelash extensions. At Lash Department , the transparent eyelash tape (allergen-free human hair & artificial eyelashes) is coated with the Black Onyx adhesive brush (easy handling), 30 seconds it pulls, so that the unique adhesive texture is created which makes the wearing comfort "barely noticeable". The eyelashes lie directly on the eyelash edge of the eye and apply within 30 seconds. Specially developed adhesive plus adhesive brush and care products as well as finely nuanced color variants guarantee an absolutely natural look and a long-lasting quality of several weeks in compliance with the care instructions. The eyelash sets start at 9.00 to 15.00 euros. With more than 11 different eyelash extensions in terms of colors, lengths and thicknesses, Lash Department is able to tailor a look to their individual preferences, colors or outfits using specially developed eyelash extension techniques. The currently available color guises begin with brown and run to black. As a rule, an eyelash application by Lash Department takes a maximum of three minutes.

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